FKC – Vamousse – High Noon for Head Lice, TV Commercial

Initial cumulative ex-factory sales were 213% of budget

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UK head lice treatment market dominated by three major, heavily advertised brands, all making big performance claims.  However, research revealed high levels of consumer frustration.  Head lice are notoriously difficult to eradicate so blame is often directed at products that seem to fail, as victims are regularly re-infected.

Vamousse was developed by a US biotech – it’s a consumer-safe biocide and works differently to other treatments. It kills 100% of lice & eggs within 15 minutes of contact, breaking the cycle of infestation. FKC’s brief was to launch the brand in the UK challenging the dominance of the well-established competition.



FKC’s creative proposal, inspired by a brand name surprisingly not exploited in the USA, not only addressed mums’ desire for an absolute solution, but also the taboo which goes with infestation.  The TV ad and related, multi-channel print, digital and social campaign (including a game app) communicates performance and convenience but at the same time entertains.



Consumer reaction in research was spectacularly positive.  The launch did not disappoint.  Trade response to the campaign was exceptional: deep distribution was achieved in independent and multiples.  Initial cumulative ex-factory sales were 213% of budget, with demand requiring emergency production runs and airfreight delivery to UK.

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