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15% increase in footfall and 7% in sales year on year.

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Despite a huge launch, the Centre was not achieving forecasted visitor numbers. Understand its failure, identify a solution and re-launch.

The Inconvenient Truth was that the very limited retail offer (and empty units) did not have sufficient appeal to encourage the local catchment groups to visit with frequency, or those from the affluent wider catchment to make the trip worthwhile.

The centre could not deliver what the launch marketing had over-promised.


Identify all the relevant customer groups appropriate to the existing offer then deliver the centre offer through an event driven strategy – these events focusing on themes and activities that the 5 Simple Truths confirmed would resonate with these groups.



The events are driving unprecedented levels of visitors and the outlet-shopping offer has delivered with relevance to the catchment, delivering a clear positioning and seeing an overall 15% increase in footfall and 7% in sales year on year.

The Gloucester Quays Food Festival has become the most successful of its kind in the South West with this year’s Food Festival event delivering 150,000 visitors in only 3 days.

Gloucester Quays has moved from a failed outlet shopping centre to an acclaimed destination.



Despite year-on-year growth and continued success, the ever-changing retail landscape and breadth of consumer choice made it crucial that Gloucester Quays evolved to meet these demands.

A change in direction to a more lifestyle driven brand for the wider catchment.



Co-creation research confirmed our core insight, leading to a new and validated proposition based on free time being a precious commodity, and development of our Time Well Spent campaign. A more confident and brand driven approach for Gloucester Quays and a move away from the previous event driven strategy.



The Christmas burst delivered outstanding results of +12.5% increase in footfall and +22% increase in sales.

Extraordinary when compared to the High Street that saw a 3.5% decrease in footfall and Shopping Centres of -3.2%.

The Victorian Market delivered just under 200,000 visitors and Gloucester Quays is now seen as a regional destination – a Lifestyle Outlet.

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