FKC – Fisherman’s Friend – Alfie Boe TV commercial

‘The most successful UK campaign we have ever run.’ Martin Stimson, Fisherman’s Friend

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Fisherman’s Friend is a British brand icon and has been invigorating the UK for over 150 years. It has also become a major export success: over 95% of product goes overseas.  With so much focus ex-UK, the home market was steady but quiet.  In 2012 the decision was made to raise the brand’s profile at home with TV support that would make consumers and the trade pay attention and drive sales.



Since 2012, FKC have produced three TV ads for the brand, as well as producing a series of sponsorship and building a significant social media presence with almost 45,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.

Because the product could have but doesn’t have a medical licence, no therapeutic or efficacy claims can be made for it – in spite of it being a mainstay in many people’s treatment for coughs and colds.  One thing we knew we could say was that it is strong and how a bit of strong goes a long way.



Since the launch of the first TV ad, Fisherman’s Friend has seen unprecedented growth.  When the third TV ad appeared the brand saw a 36% uplift in sales across the country with the effects continuing long after TV campaign had concluded.

But it wasn’t just sales that measured the brand’s success: Fisherman’s Friend was awarded Best Confectionary Brand (sugar category) Campaign 2017 by The Grocer and was highly commended for Best FMCG campaign in the 2017 Performance Awards 2017, and also for Best Audio-Visual Advertising in the 2017 OTC Awards 2017. ‘The most successful UK campaign we have ever run’

Martin Stimson, UK Area Business Manager.



Achieving success and realising full value from a campaign goes further than just paid media.  Major gains have come from exploiting the creative idea.  They don’t have to be expensive and can be deployed through the brand’s social channels so the campaign works across paid for, owned and earned channels. The current TVC featuring Alfie Boe has provided an excellent range of extra opportunities. A behind the scenes video of the commercial’s production in New York and London, including filming of the voice-over recording with Sir David Jason.  The film was used to engage with brand fans, Alfie's fans and Fisherman’s Friend employees. FKC also arranged for Alfie to be invited to the factory in Fleetwood (also his home town) by the Lofthouse family for a tour and lunch: a personal visit but all captured on video and shared on line. Results for both were worth the time spent.



Total video views:           1,198,634

Total impressions:          1,442,044

Engagement rate was 40% higher than average Twitter campaigns

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