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With many other brands rightly celebrating great effort and worthy causes around London Marathon time, we had to focus London Pride’s position as official beer sponsor on creating empathy and engagement in a different way altogether. Copying the bigger brands simply wasn’t going to cut it.

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The spark:

In the weeks leading up to marathon day as runners’ training schedules get serious and nipple plasters become part of the weekly shop, we knew we had an opportunity to create some unique social currency that spoke directly to the running community.

We knew our audience was a community that engages in running for a variety of different reasons. But like any society, there is a recognised, if unwritten, etiquette that invariably some runners think doesn’t apply to them. All runners are equal. But some runners are more equal than others. They are the ones that demonstrate how not to #RunWithPride

The Connection:

A series of short videos celebrating how not to #RunWithPride were released in the 10 weeks prior to marathon day with each celebrating a different protagonist displaying the behaviours that the running community love to hate. ‘The Topless Trainer’, ‘The Selfie Taker’ and ‘The Non Showerer’ were amongst other characters that spoke to our audience’s pet hates and made a mockery of those unwritten training protocols.The marathon expo continued the #RunWithPride theme, providing opportunities for attendees to upload photos of a seaside-style mascot photo board within a fully branded promotional stand. On marathon day itself, an out of home campaign across London and the 26.2 mile route celebrated everyone running with Pride along with a suite of trackside branding throughout the course. Brand ambassador teams were on hand across the route, sharing supporter merchandise and the London Pride halfway zone delivered some amazing live music, giving the runners a boost just when they needed it the most. Finally, our community managers live tweeted throughout marathon day, sharing pictures and celebrating everyone who embodied the hashtag.

The Results:

Over 1 million impressions gained

80% view rate

50% engagement rate

Cost per view £0.029

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