SEEN DISPLAYS - Converse Renew Launch Event | Coal Drops Yard

Our latest project for Converse saw us design and produce the launch event of the Chuck 70 Renew Canvas made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Converse’ continued innovation challenged us to re-evaluate the way we approached our retail design processes and material selection.

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First and foremost we carefully considered every square foot the campaign was showing up in so that we designed to eliminate wasted material. By spending more time re-configuring the structures in the event spaces and retail activations we managed to keep to whole or fractions of sheet size dimensions.

Apart from designing with reclaimed, recycled and recyclable materials — any virgin materials were designed for repurposing by keeping every element’s life cycle in mind to consider how any of the more durable and longer lasting materials can be re-used. This meant giving elements multifunctionality and adaptability to be used in upcoming retail displays.

Finally, designing for disassembly challenged us to avoid mixing additional materiality in fixings which usually make productions harder to separate and recycle. Apart from elements that required a robust structural integrity for health and safety reasons we opted for reusable ratchet straps and clamps.

Bottles, chips and thread, all made from plastic were displayed in a four step display to demonstrate the story of how the Renew Canvas is made. Within the space a gallery was created to showcase work by up and coming designers working with the theme of material futures. These were showcased on clean white plinths made from recycled pallets and sheet material.

This approach meant we looked at materials and structural elements often right under our noses to renew and give a second life to. From reclaimed timbers to reconstituted foams/plastics to hired equipment we wanted to make sure every detail contributed to a renewed way of designing for retail.


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