SENSE London - Dead Man’s Fingers - Skull Cuts

Embracing iconography for essential cut through

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Brand Challenge

Infiltrate a marketing-savvy community to introduce a new-kid-on-the-block rum brand.

Real World Thinking

For alcohol brands, success doesn’t come simply from a tasty product and nice bottle; success comes from being iconic. We wanted to spark this process with the new Cornish rum Dead Man’s Fingers, taking their current iconography of the bottle-etched skull, and bringing it to the forefront of culture.

The Execution

SkullCuts, a barbershop dedicated only to styles close to the bone. Whether full shaves, fades or undercuts, this was the place to celebrate your cranium, all washed down with your choice of Dead Man’s Fingers to successfully create a meaningful buzz for the mischievous rum brand.


 Open for 3 Fully Booked Days

Over 70 Craniums Crafted

5 Million meaningful PR impressions

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