tbk: M&S - Don't Open Me

A trade driving campaign aimed at driving occasional Christmas shoppers back into store in January. Customers were incentivised to return to store in January to reveal and claim an undisclosed reward; driving incremental sales and increasing basket spend.

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M&S experience their highest level of occasional food shoppers throughout December when customers are either seeking out the best deals or ‘upgrading’ to impress family and friends over the festive season. We wanted to encourage these customers to come back in January and become a more loyal shopper.

A promotional mechanic called ‘Don’t Open Me’ was used. ‘Don’t Open Me’ game cards were printed and sealed with a guaranteed gift inside each game card. The cards were distributed to shoppers in store, at the till point, for 6 days in the run up to Christmas.

To make the promotion as compelling as possible, each store had its own prize fund, with the headline gift in each store being a £1,000 Marks & Spencer gift card. The remaining prize fund was made up of M&S gift cards, packets of Percy Pigs and conditional spend vouchers that allowed us to convey a prize fund of up to £95,000 in each store.

Customers were encouraged to return back to the store where they received their game card in January to reveal their gift with the Brand Ambassador, at a promotional stand in store. If the cards were already opened when they returned to store, they became void and were unable to redeem.

This campaign used a compelling and innovative mechanic delivered in a traditional way. It drove shoppers from the busy Christmas period back into store in January using an intriguing gift offer; delivering 51% participation, a 285% ROI and increased average basket spend by 73%.

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