tbk: Baxters Deli Toppers #GetTopping

A social campaign to inspire usage and generate trial of Baxters Deli Toppers NPD with a premium foodie audience.

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The challenge from Baxters was to launch their new ‘Deli Toppers’ pickle toppings into a new category.

Targeting 30+ ‘premium foodies’ with an interest in food trends & trying something new in the kitchen, the challenge was to generate awareness of the range, drive trial by educating consumers on products usage and also where to find them in store.

We recruited 20 foodie influencers to drive advocacy of the product through their channels. #GetTopping was a social campaign to inspire usage and generate trial. Each influencer posted up to four inspired recipes and shared via their social channels and on the Baxters hub.

The Baxters hub offered the chance to win 1 of 100 Deli Toppers jars everyday, as well as encouraging consumers to post a picture of their cooking creations with #GetTopping for a chance to win additional prizes. The campaign was further supported by online and print media.

The campaign performed very well against forecast with 16% volume and 17% value. The campaign had a reach of 2.5 million with 10 million OTS.

To learn more about tbk, type tbk in the search bar or visit https://www.tbkagency.com/

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