How did we increase consumer (Ambitious Socials) awareness for Absolut when there was no NPD and when Smirnoff was hot on its heels?

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We realised something was missing from Absolut’s iconic 12-classic cocktails – a 13th! Our ‘show not tell’ advocacy strategy tapped into the cocktail revivalist trend of re-imagining cocktails. Putting influential Bartenders at the heart of our plan, we launched a nationwide search which challenged them to create the elusive 13th Classic cocktail. Inspiring experimentation and storytelling - films of said cocktails being shaken/stirred/set fire to - had to be uploaded to Absolute’s Facebook page for shortlisting ahead of the theatrical live finals.


The Impact: Huge increase in social sharing, comments and views; +2% increase in brand advocacy, +3% increase in ‘superior taste’ saliency. Crucially secured new clubs and bar menu listings. 

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