How betting minnow Kwiff took on the giants

Experience the feeling of what it is like to get kwiffed in their latest campaign.

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With a limited budget competing against very powerful betting brands, we developed a bold and innovative strategy based on understanding male 18 – 34 bettors’ actual behaviour to re-launch Kwiff.

This led to a tripling of new customers per month, reducing CPAs by 70% and growing value for money by 38%.


With over £300 million a year spent on advertising in the UK by established and powerful betting brands, new brand Kwiff, needed to find a way to cut through the competition. 

Through our extensive ethnographic research, supported by real behavioural data, we identified 2 key insights that fundamentally changed Kwiff’s approach. Firstly, alongside TV, mobile was the dominant sport and entertainment device for 18-34 bettors. Secondly the lead into games was the key time when they bantered about bets they were going to make and discussed betting brands.


The key to our execution was its simplicity and commitment to our insights. We focussed all of our non-TV activity exclusively on mobile, making Kwiff the only gambling brand to advertise purely on two channels; mobile and TV. As well as focussing our TV and mobile activity on the lead in to games.


By staying laser focussed during the campaign, Kwiff achieved a 70% reduction in CPAs and more than tripling of new customers per month. We also grew the brand long term by increasing prompted awareness from 32% pre campaign in May 2017 to 61% in May 2018, and grew value for money by 38%.

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