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In Nakd's first UK TV ad, we see how mind-blowingly tasty their Nakd bars are!

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After helping niche vegan product line, Nakd, grow into a multimillion pound brand, they were now facing growing competition and pressure from retailers and needed a step change in their media approach. We used bespoke audience insight to understand the size, desires and motivations of Nakd’s audience to successfully develop and launch their first ever TV campaign, which helped them achieve their best sales period ever.


In its infancy, we had helped to revolutionise the vegan category and normalise Nakd through London underground posters, placements in health titles, and long-form content on and offline. Now facing more compeition with bigger budgets, they were finding it difficult to grow beyond their hard-core fan base.

Using our bespoke audience valuation survey we sized the potential audience and forecast their potential value to Nakd. We combined this with discourse analysis of a broad range of their online conversations to understand who would respond to the Nakd Proposition and what type of communications would most appeal to them. This enabled us to convince the client that their audience was now broad enough that it was worth doing TV, plus they had a single unified message that would effectively cut through to their audience.


Nakd launched on Sky and Channel 4 as they both performed strongly for Nakd’s biggest growth audiences – Health enthusiasts & Strivers. The insights from our discourse analysis then fed the brief to the creative agency, detailing how a message focussing on the theme of discovery and the wide range, would appeal across those potential growth audiences for Nakd, ensuring a relevant, impactful and efficient TV campaign.


By running a targeted and relevant TV campaign, Nakd had their best period of sales ever. They achieved a 10% YoY sales growth across retailers, as well as seeing prompted and unprompted awareness increase, securing their distribution and future.

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