Voxi x Artists

A unique collaboration with emerging UK artists to support the launch of VOXI, Vodafone’s new youth-oriented network.

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Appealing to under 25s was proving a struggle for Vodafone. In response, it launched VOXI, a new mobile network specifically designed for the youth market.

To engage prospective customers with its offering of unlimited social data, we had to build VOXI’s credentials as a brand for this audience – a generation that is constantly consumed by new content, and cynical about traditional advertising.

We decided to hand over control of the brand to our audience, inviting them to shape the first experience a new customer would get.

We found three up-and-coming artists and invited them to create exclusive phone case designs for new VOXI customers to choose from (or design their own).

 The phone cases were sent to new customers with a bio of the featured artists, proving the brand’s commitment to supporting young talent. This first collaboration also paved the way for working with 100 young creators, to produce all the content for the VOXI brand across every touch point.  

VOXI has fulfilled over 10,000 phone cases to new customers since launch.

The activity was listed in Campaign’s Top 10 Customer Engagements of 2017.

Most importantly, it kicked off VOXI’s ongoing relationship with youth culture, not just building the VOXI brand, but helping to build the individual brand of each artist involved, exploding their social following, and giving them a platform to launch their careers and attract further brand commissions.

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