Air New Zealand: A Better Way To Fly

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‘A Better Way to Fly’ was Air New Zealand’s first global brand campaign. We needed to raise awareness of the London to New Zealand flight route, the route via Singapore and in-flight service, and drive bookings to deliver a UK return on ad spend of 15:1.

Our challenge was to reach a niche audience of flyers to New Zealand from the UK with a limited budget and creative that was not developed with a UK audience in mind. To achieve this, we developed a unique customer ecosystem which made efficient use of budget and intelligent use of creative. This ecosystem was designed to engage a broad travel audience, which we could then segment to serve personalised media. We only paid for people who engaged with the video, and profiled audiences as they viewed it so we could serve them relevant display, content or paid search ads as they continued their search for flights.


21:1 return on ad spend

150% more traffic to the Air New Zealand site

81% uplift in brand favourability

132% uplift in purchase intent


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