The Economist – Brexit Roundabout

Whilst the British Parliament voted again on the government’s Brexit deal, The Economist took to Westminster’s most famous roundabout and drove a van around it for 12 hours straight displaying the message: ‘Tired of going round in circles?’.

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The side of the vehicle hosts the question on a digital outdoor poster and will drive laps of Parliament Square from 8am until the voting concludes.  


On the back of the van, the URL  points to The Economist article ‘Theresa May has lost control of Brexit. Parliament must take over’. The creative goes on to encourage passersby to send a text message to receive a free copy of The Economist, and ultimately a full subscription offer. 


"Today the eyes of the world will once again be on Parliament Square and so there is no better place to remind our globally curious audience that, whilst the government may take us round in circles, The Economist is a trusted filter to help prepare for and navigate exactly this kind of uncertainty” said Mark Cripps, Chief Marketing Officer at The Economist. 



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