Bose: Get Closer

Demonstrating the incredible noise cancelling effects of Bose headphones.

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Style Over Substance 

Bose has been a leader in audio for over 60 years, with a strong pedigree in noise-cancelling headphones. But in 2008 the category was turned on its head with the launch of a new kind of fashion-conscious and celebrity-led competitor – Beats by Dre.

By 2011 Beats had become the leader in the premium headphones category by attracting a new, younger demographic and winning cultural momentum. They had re-written the rules of the category and established ‘style’ as the driver of success, conditioning millennials to value form over function. People knew that Bose delivered superior sound, but they didn’t know why they should care.

We needed to help Bose move from establishment to challenger, driving the market to re-value the listening experience and make caring about it a badge of identity too.

Fighting Audio Adequacy 

We found our inspiration in a cultural tension. While on the one hand Beats was aligned with a ashy, selfie-obsessed and celebrity-worshipping culture, the opposite extreme was thriving in our markets. East London, Paris and Berlin were bursting with all things handmade, local and authentic, made and bought by people with passion, energy and depth.

For this audience, feeling closer to your music was not just valuable, it was reflective of their values. Bose’s technology helps its audience to realise that experience.

To viscerally communicate this, we used the ultimate noise-cancelling metaphor – a world without distraction. In the empty streets of London, one woman would express her passion for music through a mesmerising dance. After cutting away to show the headphones, we resolved this surreal scene with our woman still dancing, but now with the full bustle of the city around her.


• Bose became European market leader, achieving their five year ambition in only one year.

• The campaign delivered a 40%+ increase in value sales in each market, equating to a 149 ROI index improvement year on year.

• It also created global momentum, outgrowing Beats in every key market.

• On the back of this success, Grey has recently been appointed as Bose’s global creative partner.

• Won a Craft Cannes Lion


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