Lucozade: The Conditions Zone

For Lucozade Sport, we brought Brazil to the UK to celebrate the 2014 World Cup.

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Rehydrating Enthusiasm

The FIFA World Cup in Rio – an event that would transfix Britain’s youth. The only problem was that Lucozade was on course to be outspent by its closest rival, Powerade, by a ratio of 30:1. At the same time, the reputation of the sports drinks category had been damaged by bad press and a Panorama investigation, resulting in growing cynicism from a health-conscious public.

Despite these headwinds, this was a once-in-four-year opportunity to set Lucozade apart from the competition. We just had to land an unexpected and culturally impactful way of doing it.

Planning For Spontaneity 

Instead of creating the (obvious) big-spend TV campaign and solely relying on our story-telling prowess, we needed to take an alternative approach to become part of the conversation. And that conversation was all about one thing: heat.

The English public were only talking about the hot, jungle-like Brazilian weather conditions in Manaus (where the England team were going to be playing) and how the team would fare. These conditions were the perfect ‘torture test’ for Lucozade. After all, Lucozade is designed to rehydrate and refuel athletes to help maintain peak performance in every environment.

So, we built the Lucozade Conditions Zone, an indoor football arena in a disused industrial estate in East London, engineered to create the conditions of a Brazilian football stadium. The whole experience was designed with and for the sporting journalists of mainstream media. So the timing, facilities and data would feed their coverage perfectly.

Within 24hrs of launch, the Conditions Zone had become one of the highest profile editorial platforms in the world of sport. We reacted immediately, building a news desk within our own agency to both deal with the level of intrigue and fan the fire of the story.

And in order to further seize the opportunity that surrounded the media furore, we created rich content around the science of Brazil and the importance of hydration, allowing us to continue the conversation throughout the tournament with a raft of bespoke online content, from educational films to an immersive website, that could be fed out from our news desk.

Results: A Golden Boot For Lucozade

• In three weeks, in one building, there were 150 games, 300K social engagements, 1.7M online views, over 200M media impressions ranging from BBC News to the Mail Online and a PR reach of 32M to date.

• Most importantly, sales increased by 12%.

• The Conditions Zone was awarded the Silver Lion for Innovation at the Cannes Festival 2015.


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