Lucozade: Anthony Joshua

Ahead of the biggest fight of his life, we documented the tumultuous past of the heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua as a part of Lucozade Sport's Made to Move campaign.

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In 2016 Lucozade Sport set out to reposition itself as a champion of active lifestyles under the new brand platform ‘Made to Move’ – a celebration that no matter who we are we can all progress through the simple act of moving. 

In 2017 we wanted to not only re-communicate the new brand platform but to make it famous in culture by utilising our latest brand ambassador – Anthony Joshua. In April of 2017, Anthony Joshua’s fight against Wladimir Klitschko set the stage for catapulting him to a cultural icon. Cutting through, let alone owning the conversation around his fight would be our key challenge. Not only were we competing with the news channels we would also be competing with other brands including; Underarmour and Beats, whose budgets were millions more than ours. 


Strategically we decided not to just tell his life story but to show how the simple action of moving, even at times of hardship, was the key to moving him towards his success. Making our brand thought and platform ‘Made to Move’ intrinsic to his powerful life story and connecting with a younger audience who we knew would relate to his struggles; specifically his drugs arrest and subsequent electronic tag.


Just as AJ won his fight, so did Lucozade win the battle of the brands during this time. 

We owned the cultural conversation: 

The film was picked up by multiple media outlets including BBC prime time news.

The film generated more social conversation for Lucozade than any piece of content in the brand’s history.

 We drove an increase in sales through our key retail partnership: 

+7.9% value growth in stores where activated.

In May (the month following screening the film) the sports drink category was down 4% but Lucozade Sport was up 2.6%.

We inspired people to move more: 

With over 25m views, the AJ ad was the #1 piece of content that LRS has ever produced.

While 77% of people who watched the content claimed they physically moved more as a result of watching the film.


Due to the success of the iteration of the campaign in 2017 Lucozade has run the TVC multiple times and this month has extended the approach into its first long form documentary, continuing its cultural hijacking. 


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