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A new global brand platform for Tuborg: Open to More Since 1880

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Since its launch, Tuborg has experienced continuous positive growth globally. However, the overall decline of out-of- home drinking and our target audience, Generation Z, adopting a more cautious, studious, familiar approach to life meant that Tuborg had begun to lose relevance and was in danger of becoming a drink your dad drank. We needed to modernise Tuborg, modernise fun and ultimately show the value in both. 

With Open to More as the brand platform, we were tasked with using innovation to inspire and enable our target audience to exploring the lives of other people in their cities. 


Our chatbot, Tuborg Open lives in the real life, real time, integrated messenger experience, that lets consumers walk a 21st century mile in someone else’s shoes. 

Targeted social ads connected consumers directly to our influencers, where they were guided to secret hideaways, underground parties, beat shops, concerts, and bars. All based on their life experiences and personalities. 

They interacted with our audience through conversation, instructions, photos, and a raft of other personalized content - playlists, photos, insider tips, they would also order in-bar discounts and even order the taxis. 

Using a multitude of technologies, we created unique, immersive journeys around Belgrade that let you experience their lives as if you were them. 

Beyond demographics, our approach was to connect with them was by tapping in an attitudinal truth that united them – their desire to explore. 


We used influencers to create unique and valuable experience for our audience to experience via Facebook messenger and communicated the valuable life experiences our audience could gain.

The activation was built using existing technologies to optimise the user experience. 

We used Facebook Messenger as the messaging platform, Reply.ai for the Chatbot backend implementation, and different APIs were integrated to offer different services within the conversation. 

Each location presented a challenge for the user to carry out following the influencer’s instructions. 

Three Open Lives Chatbots have been published in Serbia as a pilot experience, Russia and Italy will be launching theirs in September, and another 4 markets are ready to produce their Open Lives experience. 


Our FB campaign reached 62% of our target group ALL BG 18-35 (potential reach 500,000 people), IG campaign reached 64% of potential population of TG on IG which is 360,000.

  • 55% increase on Facebook clickthrough rate from last year campaign
  • 25% increase on Instagram clickthrough rate from last year campaign
  • Over 500 unique journeys taken in under 2 weeks.
  • 22% re-engaged again the day after.
  • 24.9% of people who got to the bot landing page, chose to activate it
  • 96% of people who activated it, engaged with it


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