Domino's: Pizza Legends

Pizza Legends showed how personalisation could be more than just a buzzword - a service that created new customer, brand and commercial value.

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Despite being a category leader, in early 2015 Domino’s were beginning to experience declines in key brand measures including popularity and differentiation.

Our competitive set were growing, including fast-growing aggregators, were becoming more aggressive and were more well known for delivering quality and taste (both key drivers to purchasing pizza).

Despite our position we were at risk of being pushed into the status of a repertoire brand.  To avoid this becoming a permanent position, Domino’s set us three challenges in 2015: to strengthen brand affinity, to drive sales growth by increasing average order values, and to build market-leading credentials in delivering service innovation, something Domino’s had historically championed and become well known for.

This was no easy task. Customers in our category had high expectations, and had been trained to buy on price and promotion. Despite using audience segmentation to identify our core groups (families and young adults), we knew no group was the same, and their reasons for choosing Domino’s were individual. Given our heritage in online ordering we believed we could use our digital services and customer data to create more personalised experiences.

At a time when everyone in marketing was talking about personalisation, we decided the best way to deliver it was with authenticity rooted in customer experience, starting with service design that could built outwards into communications. We believed this would create an enduring reason for people to prefer and pay more for Domino’s.

Pizza Legends: Personalisation with Purpose

We built a new service and a supporting campaign on a simple insight: customisation was popular with customers. People were willing to pay for their favourite toppings – and even attached emotional value to them. However, our customisation experience was boring and functional, allowing pizza-buyers to choose their own toppings but do no more than that.

So, Pizza Legends was born []. A more exciting way to personalise a pizza, it allowed customers to design their own pizza, while also naming, faming, and entering their pizza into a Legends Hall of Fame. Their unique Pizza Legend code could then be shared with friends and purchased. It allowed Domino’s customers to feel like the pizza they created really was their pizza, and also gave us scope to link everyone’s own Legend to specific occasions and moments.

To launch the Pizza Legends, we had to build personalisation into our communications too. In broadcast media, we brought the personalised experience to the fore through tailored, segment-specific copy for our core audiences (a first for Domino’s), by matching programme targeting to the most appropriate Pizza Legend creation.

But it wasn’t enough to tell people about Pizza Legends – we also had to show that others were creating them. Leveraging a Hollyoaks sponsorship, we worked with cast members so they could create their own Legends, which we then shared and promoted via social media. We also invited YouTubers Oli White, Rose & Rosie, and Spencer & Alex (who have 1.6 million subscribers combined) to create Legends in the Domino’s test kitchen, which we filmed and shared with their subscribers. Finally, we weaved the Pizza Legends creator into media through custom interactive formats that pulled the tool into video players for an instant personal experience.

Legendary Results

The results have been so impressive that Pizza Legends will now be a permanent part of Domino’s online ordering service.

Over a short campaign period, 50 percent of pizza eaters became aware of Pizza Legends (with this figure notably higher among our core family audience), and over 200,000 Legends were created. By the end of 2015 this had increased to over 407,000 Legends with 36 percent purchased. Organic social reach increased by 41 percent, a quarter of which came from #dominospizzalegend mentions.

We improved brand love and preference for Domino’s; Legend users scored higher across all brand measures, the ‘Favourite take away’ score almost doubled for those who engaged with Legends, and differentiation was 20ppts higher. Sales doubled during the campaign period, with the average value of a Legend pizza 38 percent higher than the norm. Brand affinity, order value and service innovation? Tick, tick and tick. That’s legendary.

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