Rebuilding Meaningful Healthcare Provider Relationships

BIO's newest article for PharmaTimes on why creating meaningful patient engagement experiences will be the engine for growth for big pharma brands.

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Our Head of Strategy Stu Whyte and Head of CX Veronica Naguib build a detailed picture of the impact that the changing healthcare and pharma landscape have had on all audiences at play. They also explore the potential scenarios to carve out a more transparent and visible connection, not just between Pharma brands and doctors, but their patients as well.  

Five key takeaways:

  • The current course of digital engagement tools provided by the main Pharma players don’t go far enough to provide tangible value;

  • The patient landscape is changing: our recent survey shows 59% of patients believe that Pharmas care more about their profits than their patients;

  • The HCP engagement gap: HCPs are being stretched beyond capacity, yet Pharmas don’t provide them with credible tools they can trust and learn from;

  • We discuss four trust building pillars: 1) Reliability through contextual content; 2) Efficiency through responsive data; 3) Accountability through complementary support; and 4) Responsiveness through cyclical communication;

  • We also propose a new enhanced information ecosystem model and describe why creating meaningful patient engagement experiences will be the engine for growth for big Pharma brands.

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