Quest to Legoland Case Study

How we made the journey to the theme park an unmissable part of the experience for Legoland.

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LEGOLAND Florida is one of many competing theme parks and tourist attractions in area that attracts visitors from all over the world. But unlike its competitors that are conveniently located within city limits, LEGOLAND is more than an hour’s drive from the nearest airport.   

For LEGOLAND Florida’s target audience — families with kids ages 2-12 — this drive determines whether they choose to visit the park. LEGOLAND Florida needed to find a way to overcome to boredom and stress of this drive for the entire family — whether they were driving one hour or 16 hours to get there. 

Research showed that parents love road travel because it gives them more control over the trip. Armed with travel and navigation apps, parents are equipped with tools that help them conquer the journey, finding pit stops for bathroom breaks, dining options and hotels with the push of a button. But kids were still anxiously asking “ARE WE THERE YET?”

We realized the source of this question was that kids felt a loss of control during road travel. Resigned to the backseat, without any information about their surroundings, they became frustrated. When they were asking “ARE WE THERE YET?”, they really wanted to know “When will we get there?” “Where are we now?”

So we reinvented GPS for kids. Using Google Maps, we brought LEGOLAND stories together with GPS data to transform the phone’s GPS into an immersive LEGOLAND adventure.

The GPS experience is mapped in real time using Google Maps data, adjusting to any changes in the route. Every trip is based on a specific route, just as with a traditional GPS, but what kids see in the app is unique to their trip. To curate the experience for kids, more than 5,000 kid-friendly landmarks were chosen and integrated into the experience, so each landmark has something new to discover.

By integrating real-world destinations into imaginary storylines and games, we gave every child a unique adventure. Not only are kids informed about their trip’s progress, but they’re also engaged and entertained by their surroundings. As kids share new discoveries with their parents, the trip becomes an interactive and educational game.


Quest to Legoland Case Study from VMLY&R London on Vimeo.


By integrating real-time Google Maps data with trivia for kids and themed storylines, we gave families a new way to experience LEGOLAND from the moment they leave home.

In just 30 days since launch, the app recorded 39,061 miles of car travel. That’s 639 hours of blissful “ARE WE THERE YET”-free family time

Through the use of data, gamification and creativity, to date we’ve given 984 families a new way to experience a road trip, with kids engaged, learning and starting educational conversations themselves.

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