Pearn Kandola

A global rebrand, including a new website, and strategic positioning.

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Pearn Kandola is a leading independent business psychology firm that works with global organisations such as Microsoft and HSBC. Companies around the world are waking up to the fact that business psychology is instrumental to their success. But how do we capture this zeitgeist and present Pearn Kandola as offering distinct value in an increasingly competitive sector?


Focus on what PK does better than anyone else. Diversity. PK has an unrivalled heritage in helping businesses unlock the potential of their people through diverse and inclusive practices. So we came up with a new positioning: ‘Difference inspires business’ and brought this to life with a vibrant new brand. We designed a logo and visual identity that uses contrasting colours and the Gilbert font, inspired by the creator of the iconic Rainbow Flag, Gilbert Baker. We then put a diverse group of people at the heart of our ads and website, to showcase the power of difference at the modern workplace.

AML Group

Here’s a simple idea. Find an emotional connection between your value proposition, however complicated, and your audiences. Use it to inspire and guide all your communications – ads, social, video, digital, events, content. Let those channels do what they do best, from impact to engagement, encouraging audiences to build their own unique conversation with you. And deliver an immersive, lasting brand experience.

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