Efficiently targeted paid social strategy drives surplus leads for fertility clinic

Lister Fertility Clinic, part of the UK’s largest private healthcare provider HCA Healthcare UK, appointed ROAST to drive new appointments (donors). Despite helping families with the birth of over 17,600 babies, HCA Healthcare UK was struggling with limited awareness of their egg donation programme.

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On the Lister Fertility Clinic website there was no specific page for the egg donation service, with the landing page more focused on egg sharing. Our biggest concern was that due to the lack of egg donation content, the traffic from this campaign to increase egg donation numbers throughout the year could have a high bounce rate.

A secondary challenge, also related to bounce rate, was that asking people to register on a website can often lead to a high drop off, especially with the requirement of completing a long form online. Instead, ROAST proposed Facebook lead ads which allowed a custom form to be built directly in Facebook, to shorten the user journey.

Facebook lead ads were the most relevant ad format, allowing form submissions without driving traffic to a different digital environment (namely, the Lister Fertility Clinic website).

Defining the target for such a specific and sensitive topic, such as egg donation, can be tricky, but we decided to test two separate targeting groups – one using demographics and behaviour, and the other using demographics alone – to test and learn. From this research, we recognised that the closest behavioural target we could use on Facebook was people interested in charity and charity donors.


174 leads driven in one month with only three women on average donating eggs each month previously


“The ROAST team’s specialist knowledge in Paid Media channels meant we were able to develop an efficient strategy that delivered far and beyond our expectations. I am always pleasantly surprised by the work that ROAST do, they push and drive for that extra mile.”

Ines Rivera, Digital Marketing and Campaigns Manager at HCA Healthcare


Through strategy and planning, passion and experience, insights and data, technology platform selection or advanced digital optimisation techniques, ROAST have always had one aim; to make our clients perform better. We use digital data at scale, combined with traditional consumer and market behaviour to create a comprehensive view of your business. We then apply this to our digital strategy to deliver accurately targeted, highly successful campaigns. ROAST is a part of TIPi Group, an award-winning network of specialist digital agencies.