Striking the right balance for Femfresh

Femfresh needed to stop dancing around the subject matter of feminine care and avoid the patronising tone that had been adopted by the rest of the feminine hygiene category.

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Our research had shown that significant numbers of women had no idea that their vulval skin was so sensitive that ordinary shower gels or soap could negatively modify its balanced PH.  We also learned that once the benefits were fully explained over 70% would consider buying it.

Therefore to introduce more women to the Feminine Care category, and to drive trial, we knew we needed to educate consumers - but first we had to get their attention by shaking them awake with bold, sassy work whose sole objective was to enable them to sample, what we have called, the ‘Ah ha’ moment for themselves.

"The skin down there is different to the rest of your body, if you want to wash it with more than water, you're going to need a product specially designed for this extra special vulval skin."

"Ah ha, I see!"

We created the "You wouldn't would you" campaign, executed across digital, mobile and print executions with provocative headlines such as "Use footcream in your hair?", "Use lip balm on your hands?". Each communicating that using the right product in the right place will yield better results than using the wrong product. 


And instead of acting like a feminine hygiene brand, Femfresh started to look and act like a beauty brand: a brand with both heart and soul. 

Quite simply we decided to shift the emphasis away from the category norm of rational reasons to buy towards the more emotionally engaging reasons to buy. 


18% increase YOY net sales value

15% increase growth in new buyers

11% increase YOY brand growth


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