Zeek - Cat & Mouse

The Win-Win Marketplace

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Searching for and using discounts is now part and parcel of our daily lives. It’s natural and normal, no one pays full price anymore or not if they don’t have to. We’ve got the apps on our phones and we pass tips on to our mates.

Zeek is an online marketplace for buying and selling unwanted gift vouchers and gift cards. It simultaneously frees up cash for people who have gift vouchers that they won’t or don’t want to use – and offers a discount for those who want to buy the vouchers. An exchange where everyone’s a winner.

Our brief was to launch Zeek in the UK and position it as the default option for what really is a fantastically easy way to either cash in an unwanted gift or make your money go further at a retailer of your choice.


Unless you’re loaded, lazy or just plain gullible these days you can get money off almost anything that takes your fancy.


The animated television ad debuts the characters ‘cat’ and ‘mouse’ – cat doesn’t like cheese and mouse is a cheese junkie – to show how users can both make and save money on unwanted vouchers and gift cards. Using animals to depict the process enabled us to have fun and bring to life the win-win transaction via a distinctive twist.

The campaign will roll out across TV, VoD, digital, outdoor, PR and on all Zeek owned assets.  


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