Cervical Cancer. Stop fannying around.

Saving lives through the power of film.

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Embarrassment prevents lots of young women going for a smear test. Our job was to convince them that the test is worthwhile.


We tackled the issue head-on, with a bold film tailored to cinema and online audiences that puts any embarrassment into perspective.


50% of those who recalled the campaign said they’d taken action as a result of seeing it. And over 70% of our target audience said the campaign encouraged them to go for their next smear test.


Slap-bang in the middle of our name is the letter ‘i’. It stands for ideas: big, bold, beautiful ideas that grow arms and legs and want to take over the world. Bold ideas are at the centre of everything we do. They capture hearts, save lives and build brands. Most important of all, they work. And we can prove it.