Leeds Building Society

The UK's 5th biggest building society has big ambitions: to offer customers a seamless self-service experience, loaded with intelligent advice and surprise & delight moments

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Create a vision of the future and show what digital transformation could mean for their members and their business.


With only two products, mortgages and savings, we needed to provide a way to connect up experiences, building loyalty by encouraging customers to come into branches and build relationships as well as interacting online. We developed personas in order to understand customers’ needs and motivations, using them to create customer journeys through the business. In tandem we defined a strategic vision to provide ideas and initiatives in response to what we'd learned about Leeds customers.


We showed Leeds how they could create a connected customer experience responding to them in a timely, human way at every key life stage. By giving customers tools that create reasons to engage outside their normal behaviour, Leeds could become a truly omnichannel brand, providing meaningful interactions that their customers could access at any time on any device. They could also properly reflect their ethos as a mutual society, empowering customers who are all in fact members and jointly own the business.


Leeds are now fully armed with the strategic insight and vision they need to become a fully digital-first customer-centric organisation. We're continuing to work with them as they move towards their digital transformation goals.

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