Creating digital simplicity in a complex environment

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Helping the world’s leading logistics and distribution company stay ahead of their rivals – both now and in the future.


For this extremely complex task bringing together legacy systems from around the world, effective collaboration was key. We worked closely with stakeholders from across the business at every stage. The new portfolioplus+ needed to take a giant leap in reliability, consistency, performance and the user experience. To create a smooth integration process, CHEP and BIO’s tech teams worked together to brainstorm potential issues and solve them together.


CHEP customers now enjoy a best-in-breed, intuitive, end-to-end experience. The new platform is fast, intelligent and personalised. It’s a platform that CHEP can build on, adding on future functionality as and when it’s needed. We also created a mobile-first web app for Australia and New Zealand, matching the achievements of the new platform with greatly improved design and usability, a streamlined transaction management process and intelligent and personalised functionality.


1. One million empty trailer miles filled by a major retailer in 2015, generating $2.5 million

2. Three major grocery retailers saved $300,000

3. "The exceptional results being reported across the supply chain have shown that the solutions and experience developed over the last quarter century by CHEP deliver quick and tangible value to our customers" – Kim Rumph, President, CHEP North America 

The BIO Agency

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