British Airways

Reinventing the digital experience for airline passengers

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British Airways is the largest airline in the UK but, like many market leaders, protecting market share is a challenge. The British Airways executive team appointed The BIO Agency as their digital transformation partner to redefine how passengers interact with the brand.


The main objective of BIO's solution was to improve loyalty, customer satisfaction and systems' efficiency by reinventing British Airways' digital customer experience. An urgent business requirement was to improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and it was imperative for BIO to mobilise and deliver rapidly. The primary focus was therefore placed on enhancing British Airways' digital experience, with an aim to eliminate key customer pain-points before, during and after the journey. Our solution also created better problem identification and resolution methodologies aimed at improving ease-of-use on the customer-side, and the speed of resolving customer issues on the employee side.


We analysed British Airways' service model to identify how digital can improve user experience by alleviating the key customer pain-points. Our design and approach were influenced by the outcomes of thorough interviews conducted with 200 British Airways customers. Following an extensive customer research that involved British Airways' most frequent users, we have embarked on an ambitious journey to develop the service changes to the beta stage within a short 14-week deadline. This was possible thanks to undertaking an agile approach, with weekly user testing and buy-in from multiple British Airways stakeholders that facilitated the iterative development of BIO's digital transformation programme.


We utilised a rapid innovation programme to introduce a wide range of state-of-the-art service improvements, the majority of which were industry firsts, placing British Airways at the forefront of the aviation industry. In line with BIO's mission, we ensured our solutions offered best-in-class customer experience – placing passengers at the heart of every single moment of every single trip. Some of the solutions introduced as part of the programme included:

1. A digital baggage credit, which allows customers to digitally 'bank' their baggage weight allowance

2. Capability to offer seat upgrades when passengers are already on board, providing additional revenue opportunities for British Airways and enhanced in-flight customer experience

3. Eliminating pain-points, e.g. automatic flight rebooking or reimagining compensation in case of significant delays

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