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Established over 100 years ago, Greyhound Lines is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving nearly 18 million passengers per year. The business has seen a significant change over the years, and was struggling to break away from negative customer perceptions. The decline in customer satisfaction and poor customer experience caused Greyhound's brand perception to drop from ‘Aspirational Travel’ to ‘Travel of Last Resort’. We were approached to support Greyhound in the analysis and contextualisation of their service challenges. Together, we built a vision for the future bus travel in America, aiming to establish Greyhound as an innovation leader in the bus travel sector and improve Greyhound's market positioning.


Greyhound's declining market position required more than a simple perception fix. In order to unlock full growth potential, the approach had to involve a complete shift of focus towards customer experience-led service transformation. The focus was placed on building a detailed first-hand account of current service experiences, whilst immersing ourselves in the travel industry, analysing relevant trends and speaking to industry thought leaders to determine the most effective transformation strategy that would meet Greyhound's goals.


Using service design principles, we conducted in-depth research to understand the key factors behind Greyhound's poor customer satisfaction. This enabled us to frame potential opportunities within a structure that allowed for innovation. Both qualitative and quantitative research was conducted, including ethnographic methods (e.g. ride-alongs on Greyhound and competitor buses), call centre shadowing, interviews, and surveys. Our research involved a large sample of Greyhound's existing and potential customers, combined with insight from a wide range of Greyhound’s stakeholders – from terminal staff, drivers and cleaners to the CEO.  


This enabled us to build a service blueprint, which further developed into a vision and roadmap. Through BIO-led workshops, we’ve built employee engagement for future change, harnessed knowledge and expertise within the business and created ideas for the Greyhound CX vision. We’re looking forward to working with them to deliver an improved customer experience.

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