Investec: Winners Run A Different Race

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After years of heavy sports sponsorship, Investec were being perceived by many as a sponsorship brand, not a bank. People just didn’t know what Investec was.

Our challenge was to use the platform of the Epsom Derby to reach a very specific premium audience, Established Entrepreneurs, who are likely to use Investec services.

For Investec to be perceived as a leader in financial services, it was crucial for media to build stature and trust, tell an intelligent story and create relevance.

At the heart of this, we instigated and brokered a multi-media content partnership with the Telegraph. This not only associated Investec with high stature, premium environments, but also created a canvas across the publisher’s media touchpoints to explore Investec’s sponsorship, with a bespoke content hub, panel discussions and reader votes. Bespoke formats evoked the sense that Investec is a bank that does things differently.

Digital audio created another sensory dimension to our storytelling, with sound used to pique interest in the stories hosted on the Investec content hub. Iconic outdoor formats emulated a sense of domination, and digital takeovers across mobile and display, targeted contextually relevant environments, whilst also overlaying 1st and 2nd party data to reach Established Entrepreneurs in trusted channels. All audio and mobile activity was geo-targeted to reach key areas, and those who had attended the race. 


5% uplift in awareness amongst Established Entrepreneurs

33% increase in positive sentiment towards the brand

2.46m completed audio listens

32k Qualified 1+ landings to The Investec Derby website 


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