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As far as we’ve come, few people are satisfied with their corporate IT.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise knows IT Decision Makers are particularly frustrated. ITDMs are actually responsible for their own workplace tech – and they’re tired of seemingly always saying ‘NO’ to IT requests.

This thought inspired HPE’s Yeasayers campaign.

Our content brief was to engage ITDMs and showcase why with HPE, IT chiefs can stop saying ‘no’ and start saying ‘yes’ more often.



Seeking to engage and go beyond the homogeneous content typical of the business sector, we looked at what IT leaders really cared about. We analysed 500 real ITDM Twitter profiles and found an overwhelming interest in videogames, in particular classic / retro gaming. It made sense; if you now work with computers, you almost certainly grew up playing them. For ITDMs, only sport and family got more love! From here, a bold content idea took shape...



Remember Pong? Pong was an iconic videogame in which players hit a ball back and forth. And as the player tracks the ball across the screen, they shake their head from side to side. Imagine someone watching tennis. Or seen another way, it’s like they’re constantly saying ‘no’...

To engage ITDMs, we created an original game.

To hit home that ‘Yes Is Here’, our game rotated to present a new, vertical play area. Following the ball, players went from shaking their head to nodding along. In effect, they’d go from saying ‘no’ to saying ‘yes’!

And while nodding along, innovative power-ups showcased the benefits of HPE’s products and services via the gameplay itself:

HYBRID IT is HPE’s transformation solution, mitigating risk. In our game, players received a temporary barrier, preventing the ball from being lost.

INTELLIGENT EDGE enables devices to connect and work seamlessly together. When activated here, players benefitted from two paddles working in tandem.

And finally, HPE DATA & ANALYTICS helps companies generate insight, making informed decisions. In game, an onscreen ‘data line’ revealed the exact path of the ball.

It was storytelling done very differently, All enabled with a breakthrough data insight.

Content was developed with The Economist Group – few media outlets cover business subjects with such innovative, off-kilter storytelling – and the game was actually incorporated within The Economist’s apps.



We set out to engage, and the HPE Yeasayers Game smashed all benchmarks, becoming HPE’s highest performing digital creative to-date:

  • Average game dwell time was 1 minute 15 seconds in The Economist Digital Edition app, and 1 minute 37 seconds in The Economist Espresso app. Notably, these average dwell times count EVERY reader of The Economist’s apps, not simply those who chose to play our game.
  • Final CTR to HPE.com was 6.7x the standard awareness campaign
  • Mobile interaction rate was 4x standard
  • Engagement with the game increased propensity to click through to HPE.com by 5x on mobile.
  • Most importantly, players went beyond standard engagement levels and performed 3x client defined valuable actions on the HPE site, compared to those attracted via standard display ads.


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