Sky 4D VR

The most immersive story ever told

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With increasing competition from BT, Virgin and Netflix, Sky needed to reaffirm its superiority as the world’s most exciting and comprehensive entertainment brand.



  • Demonstrate Sky’s brand superiority in terms of content provision and brand innovation
  • Increase footfall at Sky retail stands
  • Increase dwell-time at Sky retail stands
  • Create prospect engagement with the brand
  • Generate sales leads
  • Reassure existing customers they’ve chosen the right brand



Our ambition was to reimagine Sky’s retail space and create a brand experience like no other. One that would generate spontaneous interest and genuine enthusiasm for Sky’s unrivalled content.

VR itself wouldn’t deliver the message; we needed to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling.

4D elements, such as rumbling floors, hot and cold air blasts were combined with movie-standard, binaural sound design to make Sky’s 4D VR experience truly unforgettable.

We wanted to take visitors to places they could never experience in the real world, places where anything could happen. For the first time ever, they weren’t just watching the story, they were part of it.

Game of Thrones star Iain Glen welcomed visitors on their journey, which began in seemingly normal living room, with the choice of two adventures.

If they chose ‘Sports’, they were shrunk to only a few inches tall and transported to a kitchen stadium where they could save a penalty from James Milner, cheered on with hyped narration from sports commentator Bruce Hammal. They would then suddenly find themselves at the centre of an F1 race, with cars rushing past them.

If they chose ‘Entertainment’, the living room merged with a wintery forest. The Night King appears, cracking the ice floor open and causing visitors to ‘fall’ into a dungeon, where they came face to face with a fire breathing dragon.

Story-telling devices like suspense, misdirection and surprise were used to engage people in the narrative of the journey.

As the experience came to an end, Iain Glen bids visitors farewell and hints at more adventures to come.



The experience was designed as a 5-point consumer journey:

  1. Pre-launch: Targeted direct and social communications invited people to the live experience
  2. At launch: Proximity marketing drove footfall to the experiential activation site
  3. Activation: Participation in the immersive experience, with data capture
  4. Social: A video capture of the experience, available to share on social channels
  5. Post activation: Re-targeting participant sales leads with information about their favourite entertainment brand

To measure the activation’s impact, we worked with Sky’s Insight and Decision-Science team to create a real-time measurement tool, which enabled Sky for the first time to effectively measure the increase in Intention-To-Purchase from an experiential activation, and correlate visitor engagement to return on investment.



  • 45% higher Net Promoter Score than previous experiences
  • 19% increase in daily visitors to the stand
  • 48% more handovers to sales staff than previous experiences
  • 56% of handovers resulted in a sale
  • Demonstrated Sky’s long-term significance with 79% of customers saying they’re more likely to keep being a customer for the next 12 months as a result of the experience



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