Telling the Jaguar Land Rover story through brand publishing

Delivering the perfect combination of brand stories and lifestyle content to Jaguar and Land Rover owners both in print and digitally.

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Customer magazines are a well established channel to engage brands with owners – a true opportunity to connect their content beyond the traditionally printed version of the magazines and link them into the digital ecosystem customers use in this day and age. In the process of consolidation, the team for both the J Magazine (Jaguar) and OneLife Magazine (Land Rover) were brought into one business and the editiorial team connected with the brand management teams on the agency side. No longer were separate publishing companies with very different operating models in charge. This approach improved the overall quality of both magazines and increased the time to market and thus lowered overall operating costs.

Each magazine is developed with a very clear content plan in mind which is scrutinised within the overall approach for both brands – that content feels authentic and reinforces the owners’ decision to purchase the vehicle of the brand. Its quality – stories, photos, illustrations, video – must be at a very premium level – connecting with other brand messaging in market – via social media, experiential marketing, direct marketing, and retailers.

Simplifying the ways of working, and leveraging technology, has enabled to focus on significant improvements along the way with delivering magazines on a quarterly basis, with local market reviews and input on content factored in. Third-party support in ad sales to ensure the right marketing materials are available to increase ad sales revenue.

With combined teams across both magazines, there is much less rework. By integrating within the larger Spark44 organisation, there is more brainpower behind our work. And by working with local printing providers in EU, USA and China, reductions in printing and shipping costs (and time to market), without compromising printing quality come as a by-product.


Global business, transformed. Spark44 is the first global client/agency joint venture model that has radically transformed the Jaguar Land Rover brands and business. With decades of experience grappling with an immovable industry, a joint team of client and agency leaders decided it was time to create something different, and Spark44 was born. The idea was simple yet industry-shattering. A business partnership between client and agency delivering on what clients and agencies cry out for: a shared platform for mission, excellence, dedication, unity and a business-driving focus. We have assembled a community of diverse people from all over: in and out of the industry, brainiacs and artists, analysts and scientists. All have one burning common itch: to challenge convention and make amazing things happen. And now Spark44 seeks to grow with new client/agency partnerships.