Discovery Fans Again

Making the All-New Discovery the most discussed vehicle in Spain.

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When the New Discovery was revealed, we received a number of negative comments from fans on social media; they thought the vehicle wasn’t aa real off-roader purely because it looked too good. Owners and followers were turning from proud advocates into detractors. We were misjudged, our fans assumed that beauty and toughness were not compatible. We had to act.  

We looked for the most critical and vocal fans on social media and we contacted them with an offer: test drive the All-New Discovery and put its capability to the test. We filmed their experience behind the wheel as their perceptions changed from negative to positive. For each fan we created a teaser video and two longer-form videos based on their personal doubts, and we ran the campaign across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The video content drove to a hero landing page on the Land Rover website, which included the option to configure and request a test drive. 

Land Rover is capable of everything, even of convincing our most cynical fans. In a fun, friendly way, Land Rover was able to change the fans' perception by allowing them to put the vehicle to the test and tell their own experience behind the wheel. Showing how our guests changed their mind regarding the vehicle's abilities was more credible than any product assets we could have shared. We managed to make the All-New Discovery the most discussed car in Spain, increasing significantly the interactions with our content and website. We proved that it is the most capable and versatile vehicle of Land Rover’s history – and we used nothing but the product truth.


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