Global Effie Award for #GoodToBeBad

Bringing Jaguar back to the conversation - launching the heart of the brand: The New Jaguar F-TYPE.

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This was the moment: the launch of the model that exemplifies the Jaguar brand. New F-TYPE would define Jaguar moving forward. Not just a model launch. Not just for sports car drivers. This time it had to be the biggest stage for the brand: The 2014 Superbowl. Nothing more, nothing less.

Familiarity and consideration increased significantly for the entire brand. A social media program that Jaguar created got the brand back into the conversation to pave the way for a niche brand preparing to move into the most competitive categories the global car market has to offer: small and mid-size sedans and SUVs. The campaign was very successful – not just in the United States. #GoodToBeBad became synonymous with Jaguar being back on the the global stage of premium brands.

We rooted our campaign around this “British Villains” insight allowing Jaguar to make a lasting impression, authentically setting itself apart from the Germans. With the help of Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston, we planned a new desirable brand globally. A true alternative in a sea of sameness. Social, CRM, outdoor, digital video, display ads and an optimised website for mobile use hinted at the new positioning and talent.

The campaign launched simultaneously in other markets via owned media, specifically Jaguar websites promoting “British Villains” and “Good To Be Bad”. Each site immersed visitors in Jaguar’s villainous world through behind-the-scenes “making of” videos, photo galleries and product sections that paired each “Villain” with a specific Jaguar. Talent films promoted villainous elements of all Jaguar models – F-TYPE as “obsessed with power”, XFR as “not the usual suspect”, XJR with “an eye for detail”, perfectly integrating the campaign for the brand as a whole. Interactive elements allowed visitors to explore vehicle interiors and exteriors, via sound and magnifying glass tools. Product links allowed interested prospects to customise their personal Jaguar and request quotes. But most importantly: the first step was taken to make Jaguar a topic of conversations in the present, no longer in the past.


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