Karmarama encourage bettors to make their best bet at BetVictor

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Karmarama has created a new campaign for BetVictor celebrating the beautifully unpredictable nature of sport.

In a world of fake news, election rigging and data leaks, the dark side of technology is under heavy scrutiny. VAR is wreaking havoc on every football match it touches. Science and stats are removing the human particle from sport, trying to make it more predictable than ever.

In this ‘Man vs Machine’ execution, Karmarama highlight that while data has its uses, when it comes to the chaos of sport, your best bet is to embrace the unpredictable & ‘Make your best bet at BetVictor’.

Just look at the sporting upsets we’ve witnessed in recent years, Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup, Iceland knocking England out of the Euro’s in their first major tournament and the minnows of Leicester winning the Premier League. The odds, experts and data got it wrong, but the knowing few combined their instincts and experience to make their best bet.

The execution of the new campaign nods to the famous 1984 Apple advert, pitting man and machine against each other, with man prevailing destroying a dystopian server farm with a well-placed strike of a football.

Shane Stafford, Head of Brand at BetVictor commented “Our brief to Karma was to create a campaign that aligned with our ethos and values, as well as stand out in the melee of competitor advertising. Karmarama have delivered on all three requirements in a cinematic and engaging way, whilst showcasing that instinct is what really matters when making your best bet. This puts us in a great position building-up to the World Cup.

Nik Studzinski, Chief Creative Officer at Karmarama said of the work “‘The robots are coming! The robots are coming!’ Oh, hang on, no they’re not. BetVictor is the only sport betting site to celebrate the fact that it’s our unpredictable nature that separates us from the machines. That’s what makes sport, sport.

The work establishes the new brand platform ‘Make your best bet’ ahead of a wider World Cup campaign. This phase of work runs in two formats until the end of May: the 60” execution of the campaign will run on TV, VOD and cinema while the 30” cutdown will run on TV and VOD.



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