Karmarama Host International Women's Day Panel with Guests from The Ideas Foundation

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Every year, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It becomes a topic that seeks to unite everyone in the pursuit of gender parity and push for the awareness of social gaps. The celebration saw the rise of #PressforProgress, an international message that highlights the political and financial gender imbalance. This year, Karmarama decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a series of events that explored the topics and issues surrounding gender equality.

For our main event on Thursday the 8thMarch, we opened our doors to a group of young women as part of the Ideas Foundation, a creative education project that aims to teach 13-19-year olds about the creative industry.

We invited these young women to listen to a panel of senior women from Karmarama talk about their experience entering the industry. The event hoped to encourage and support young women wanting to get involved in the creative sector as the panel shared their stories and advise.

One of the students spoke of her shock as Creative Director Imogen Tazzyman revealed that only 3% of women share her role in the industry, “Those words remained with me for the rest of the day.” Daniya Kayani, student at the University of West London wrote, “The experience I had there was incomparable to other agencies I had visited. I hadn’t the foggiest clue what I wanted to do once I had graduated. That’s how I felt until I walked through the doors of Karmarama. There was just something about Karmarama that made me feel like I was at home. Having been surrounded by so many interesting women who worked there was a brilliant experience that reminded me just how far women have come in advertising and yet how much further we have yet to go.”

After exploring the agency further, Daniya described Karmarama as her “dream company to work for” saying, “I was really sold now. The office was broad and full of creatives bringing adverts to life at their fingertips. This is exactly what I want to do.”

In addition to Thursday’s panel, Karmarama hosted several events including a Karma Sound Session by Jillian Jaqueline and a two-part Development Workshop hosted by Karmarama’s HR Director, Jo Harman. Driven by the research taken from the experiences of 127 successful women, the workshop explored Joan Williams and Rachel Dempsey’s book ‘What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know’. The sessions gave female staff the tools to tackle gender bias in the work-space and prevent it from impacting professional growth.

As the week came to a close, we took the opportunity to celebrate the female talent across Karmarama and the inclusivity that the agency offers.

To read Daniya Kayani’s full blog click here. 



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