launch brand transformation with help from Karmarama

Like Comment, the online electricals store, announces the launch of a bold new advertising campaign, with a new brand strategy courtesy of Karmarama.

The new campaign titled ‘Delivering Tomorrow’ celebrates the efficiency, scale and humanity of AO through the most extraordinary analogy.

Imagine if the universe’s largest electrical appliance broke down and needed replacing? We’d need to call on some pretty superhuman people with extraordinary skills and endeavour. Well, that’s what happens when, early one morning, the sun goes on the blink and it doesn’t look like tomorrow is going to happen. delivery men power to the rescue, replace the sun with one they happen to have in their huge warehouse, and bring the world back to order with their amazingly efficient service.

Commenting on the new advert, Chief Brand and People Officer, Michael Bates stated; “The appliances in our homes are, in a way, the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. Whether it’s washing our family’s dirty clothes, vacuuming up the mess after a party or helping us enjoy the big match at home, I think we sometimes forget how reliant on them we really are. 

“We asked ourselves what would happen if other things in our lives broke down like an appliance could. What would we do if the sun stopped working?” 

“At AO, we understand the importance of things often taken for granted. When an electrical appliance breaks at home, it is a disaster. This is why we always deliver when the customer needs it and we do it in the most stress-free way possible.”

The tongue-in-cheek advert was directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen, who is well-known for his surrealist style, previously directing Samsung’s Ostrich campaign.

Adam Kean, Executive Creative Director at Karmarama said of the work ‘Scientists agree that our Sun will most likely die out in around 4 - 5 billion years. If, if, they’ve got it completely wrong and it happens much sooner, say next week, don’t panic. will sort it.’

The campaign consists of a 60” TV advert, with 4 cut downs of varying length, with media being planned by MediaCom North.

As well as delivering a brand and creative platform for the TV campaign, Karmarama has supplied a design platform for future communications to be used by’s in-house communications team.



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