157% increase on site visibility through combined SEO tech and content campaigns strategy

Heal’s were migrating three of their websites to one, however during this migration the new site was structurally incomplete and the redirect mapping had been implemented incorrectly. There had been no SEO input throughout the build and Heal’s needed urgent support to increase traffic to the new site.

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Fixing the redirects was the first thing to rectify alongside the initial issues with the site migration. We managed to use both the insights from the corrected redirect mapping, and cached versions of the previous sites, to identify missed opportunities and add missing pages from the old site (counting for 100’s of 1000’s visits) to the new architecture.

Alongside this, we implemented an SEO-friendly faceted navigation to enable us to target niche areas where the old site could not and through extensive keyword research identified areas of page expansion for brands and designers, which proved to be a big USP for Heal’s. As an example of content campaigns being produced to increase brand awareness, ROAST worked with influencer Peter Berthoud, one of London’s predominant local historians, to produce an online and offline tour which explored the history of lighting in London and aimed to increase traffic through lighting product pages.

On top of increasing traffic levels, executing an in-sync online and offline campaign was a first for Heal’s and demonstrated ROAST’s part in shaping the future of the business. It also brought the brand into contact with influencers and journalists that would provide them with useful alliances moving forwards.

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146 extra keywords ranking (11% increase)

185 extra keywords on page one (32% increase)

157% increase of site visibility

25k weekly non-sale sessions up from <19,000


“The team at ROAST are efficient, collaborative, forward thinking and quick to understand our brand. Strong communication kept our side up to speed with all the actions required to recover the migration, and integrated well into our business. No task was too big and the team provided a huge considered guidance to optimise each department on our side. ROAST likes a challenge and strives to produce the best work around.”

James Williamson, Brand Marketing Manager at Heal’s


Through strategy and planning, passion and experience, insights and data, technology platform selection or advanced digital optimisation techniques, ROAST have always had one aim; to make our clients perform better. We use digital data at scale, combined with traditional consumer and market behaviour to create a comprehensive view of your business. We then apply this to our digital strategy to deliver accurately targeted, highly successful campaigns. ROAST is a part of TIPi Group, an award-winning network of specialist digital agencies.