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The Oystercatchers Club Network is an extension of the Oystercatchers Club, building on the topics discussed and connections made at our events. The online platform allows members to showcase the very best of their work and thinking, as well as both pose and answer questions from the Network community. 

The Oystercatchers Club Network is mostly open to view to anyone, although to access certain features such as commenting and following,  you need to be registered. Certain areas of the platform will be restricted to exclusive member groups.

Rooms:  If you want to host a discussion on a specific topic or issue, this is the place for it. Rooms are set around particular topics, whether it's an upcoming Oystercatchers Club event, industry trend or particular discussion. Rooms are mostly open, but they can be locked either for exclusive member-only content or private discussion.

Channels: As a member you can showcase content streams by type - case studies, latest work and opinion. 

Agency search: This is where you can search and view all our agency members. Click on All Agencies from the dropdown menu and the list can be filtered by sector, expertise, agency size and turnover. Keywords can be entered into the search bar and it will search the whole site. Video content and pdfs are not directly searchable but titles, introductions and copy are, so bear this in mind when uploading.

Ask an expert: Got a question you want help with? Ask an expert is a Q&A forum where anyone who is registered with the site can ask a question of the community, and anyone within the community can answer it

Features: Join in with the community and Like, Comment, Follow: These social features on the site allow registered users to engage with content and each other more fully

Video Panels: We really love this feature. Any member can host a video discussion, for up to 10 people, that can then be posted and replayed on the site.

You can read our community guidelines here

How to use the platform

Creating your profile: Click on the avatar in the top right hand corner and select Edit Profile from the drop down  Select a profile picture e.g. your agency logo,it should be square 512x512 Check your company name, then add in a tagline (max 100 characters) and bio (positioning statement) Add contact details and social links

In the ‘More about you’ section please: Select turnover band Choose Top 5 Specialisms and Top 5 Sectors. It is important you only choose 5 or the agency search feature will be meaningless Select staff number bracket

Adding content Uploading is easy Click the upload icon (top right), select file to upload (video, post, document, slidedeck) Populate the fields: Title, introduction and body copy Select a channel: Latest work/Case study/thinking. Select a room if relevant

Documents are portrait, Slidedecks are landscape, both are pdfs. Please tag content in just one channel.

Technical Videos – must be smaller than 500mb PDF files only - No word or ppt docs. There is a distinction between documents (portrait, e.g. for thought leadership, reports etc) and landscape (e.g. for creds decks and presentations) Image files should be jpeg or png

Title, introduction and copy for content is important as this is searchable (where PDFs are not)  You ideally need an image for posts You can embed youtube/vimeo links in posts but not insert uploaded videos or embed on your profile You can add uploaded video files to case studies and your profile but not embed them in posts

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