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Public Health England (Customer Engagement, Social)

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We knew that young people can’t assess risks until they know them and spend time digesting these risks (National Institute of Mental Health 2011). We needed a campaign to alert them to the risks of STIs, in a language they would understand so they could start to assess those risks.

 The solution was simple: no shock tactics or silly jokes, just descriptions of unpleasant personal experiences from teens themselves to alert our target audience to the risks of not using protection.


The percentage of young people reporting they had used a condom increased from 44% to 49%.


Our vision is to inspire brands and people to impact the world. To create big ideas that make a significant contribution to the planet, society, and the bottom line.   We believe in today’s world this is the best way for our clients to achieve sustainable growth.   We achieve this by breaking down the barriers that restrict talent and ideas.   

Which is why our teams work fluidly across 5 capabilities: Advertising, Innovation, Experience, PR and Health.   This allows us to not only operate but innovate at the intersection of capabilities and talent.  We believe impact and magic lies at this intersection.   Ogilvy scales this by seamlessly connecting and accessing the deep cultural expertise of 132 offices in 83 countries.    

The result is multifaceted ideas for our clients that drive impact and are born from the intersection of platform x culture x technology.     

We call this Borderless Creativity.