Selecting the right agencies and, importantly, the right team has the power to be transformational for businesses and brands

We are the UK’s leading intermediary, placing in excess of £500m of fees with agencies in the UK and internationally.

Our agile pitch framework has been designed to maximise opportunities and enable the agency and client teams to hit the ground running with revitalised energy, new thinking and fresh ideas. We’ve dispensed with pointless RFI’s, directionless chemistry meetings and instead we’ve put client ambition at the heart of every pitch we’re engaged on.

We’ve reduced timeframes, and run a concurrent process with procurement to ensure all stakeholders are on board at every stage.

Inside the pitch

Oystercatchers live webinar April 2018

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Inside the pitch
Pitch process

It leads to a better process, and better outcomes.

We work across all discplines, and the process is fully bespoke so whether you need assistance in crafting a brief, producing a shortlist of suitable agencies, guiding the pitch delivery, fee benchmarking, contract negotiations, onboarding new agency partners, or need expertise in managing the entire process from end to end, we ensure you receive the right support to find the optimal agency partners to accelerate your marketing performance.

“Oystercatchers were able to really swiftly respond to our requirements, pull a process together, and coordinate it, and really help be the referee and the policeman that helps everything stay on time… It was very helpful to have somebody in the middle of it all really driving this process, and being that confidante, helping both sides to understand where we were coming from.”
Claire Cronin, SVP Marketing, Virgin Atlantic

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