Consulting and ways of working

From tactical project to full scale marketing transformation, we partner with marketers to enable you to radically transform your brands and people. 

Since 2006, we have helped marketing leaders define and shape their marketing model and articulate the customer-centric strategies and ways of working that will deliver business growth.

Our work begins with your business and marketing strategy, and a qualitative review of your current marketing operational model. We look at the structure, governance, ways of working, roles and responsibilities, tools, template and tech, people and processes, that you have in place today to identify what needs to be done to deliver on your strategy.   

Within our work we regularly recommend the optimal brand/agency model that will deliver the best marketing results for your business. We have in-depth experience of working with global companies and domestic businesses, and specialise in issues such as roster reorganisation, business unit collaboration, marketing department structure, and development of the tools, skills, and capabilities required to deliver against strategic marketing objectives.  

  • We help you to achieve your optimal Way of Working through efficient processes and rigorous financial analysis.
  • We improve the efficiency and the efficacy of marketing by helping to standardise processes across a company.
  • We create frameworks of marketing structure, roles and responsibilities; clear project development stages with guidelines for timing and approvals; rigorous methodologies for insight generations and inspiring briefing formats.
  • We train hundreds of marketers in writing and delivering better briefs and briefings, as well as how to judge creative work, deliver feedback and manage stakeholders.
  • We improve, renew and accelerate your existing agency partnerships through Optimise™, our proprietary evaluation methodology. 

Marketing Transformation

  • Evaluating structure and governance
  • Evaluating ways of working
  • Evaluating roles and responsibilities 
  • Evaluating capabilities 

Training and Upskilling 

  • How to manage agencies and stakeholders
  • Delivering foresight and mining insight
  • Delivering outstanding Briefs and Briefings
  • Judging work and feeding back 

Oystercatchers Optimise™

  • Deep-dive qualitative interviews using our proprietary methodology  
  • Benchmarking
  • Agency Mediation
  • Project Discovery
  • Innovation evolution
As marketing consultants, we work with our clients to solve their modern marketing challenges.

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