Some of our recent clients

“Working with Oystercatchers on the pitch process for our media agency appointment was an enjoyable experience. The process allowed for us to see what it would be like working with the agencies in a ‘real’ environment and ensured there was a balance between chemistry and technical skill across both sides of the table. The project management of the process was meticulously planned, removing all stress, and further support and guidance given to on-boarding and contract negotiation to ensure marketing performance and a long-term partnership.”
Ellie Norman, Marketing Director, F1
“Oystercatchers was able to really swiftly respond to our requirements, pull a process together, and coordinate it, and really help be the referee and the policeman that helps everything stay on time… It was very helpful to have somebody in the middle of it all really driving this process, and being that confidante, helping both sides to understand where we were coming from.”
Claire Cronin, SVP Marketing, Virgin Atlantic
“Oystercatchers has forced us to tackle the little niggles in relationships that are easily glossed over in the pace of business and the context of a long-term partnership. Addressing them head-on has improved effectiveness, efficiency and fun! It’s a telling sign that while our media budget has doubled, our team and our agencies’ teams remain broadly the same size.”
Alistair Macrow, S.V.P. CMO, UK & Northern European Division at McDonald’s

We’ve always been proud of making a difference to our clients

Here’s a quote from our very first client in 2006. It’s still true today