“The best people in our business care about money, but not nearly as much as making an impact on the world ” Moray MacLennan Campaign July 2015

The media and communications industry is talking about how it can use its huge influence and clout to make a significant difference to the world. Some companies still use CSR as a box-ticking exercise to comply with the laws and regulations in the countries they operate in. However, many more now understand that consumers and internal staff are a catalyst for doing good. No company wants to get in the news for doing something that could potentially harm their brand, make their customers walk away and pick a competitor instead and up-and-coming leaders are looking for more than a good salary – they’re searching for meaning in their day-to-day work as they tie their personal values more closely to their career than previous generations.

Our July discussion will look at whether being a ‘Force for Good’ is important to society, a moral obligation, commercially savvy or just still simply a CSR exercise.
Joining Suki Thompson, CEO, on-stage will be:

  • Justin King: ex CEO, J Sainsbury
  • Vernon Ellis: Chairman, British Council
  • Amanda MacKenzie: CMO, Aviva – currently on secondment leading the global education programme for the UN’s sustainable development goals
  • Tom Knox: President, IPA and Chairman, DLKW Lowe

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