We have selected ‘DIVERSITY’ as our  Oystercatchers Club topic of conversation for January.

The drum is beating for greater inclusion and diversity across all of the marketing industry and it is my hope that 2016 is the year we begin to really push this agenda forward. Those controlling the halls of power in agencies, business and government still remain predominantly male and white. If we as an industry are to be more successful, we need an increasingly diverse leadership. As the pace of change accelerates, we will continue to face knottily complex problems, and the greater the variety of approaches and experiences available to tackle them, the better the likelihood of our success.

The panel of industry leaders discussing this poignant and important topic will be:


Karen Blackett, CEO, MediaCom, Catherine Mayer, one of the founders of the Women’s Equality Party, Paul Geddes, CEO, Direct Line Group and Michael Brunt, CMO and Managing Director of The Economist will be on my panel. 

We are very much looking forward to our club members joining us on the 19th January!