Tim is a Founding Partner of Inferno, an agency set up in 2000 with the aim to provide their clients with their 360 marketing solutions under one roof – and make the world more interesting place along the way. Inferno has now merged into a global network and become FCB Inferno, but the legacy carries on. FCB Inferno is a small agency at heart but big in business with clients like Nokia, Sky, NSPCC, Oreo, Coke and Jupiter. FCB Inferno has also been appointed a place on the Government roster.

During his career, Tim has worked both client and agency side. On the client side, at EMI he was responsible for an £8.5 million budget and delivered all forms of retail marketing.

At FCB Inferno Tim oversees client and business development; he believes in a truly personal approach and makes it his business to know everyone on an individual and personal basis. This means that if he’s not out with a client or a prospective client for lunch, he is probably having breakfast or dining with a member of staff. Tim is largely responsible for the family feel of FCB Inferno, which the agency thrives on.

Longer ago than he cares to remember, he was a professional footballer, until a mistimed tackle prematurely ended his career.