Before joining TBWA, Peter Souter worked for AMV BBDO for 18 years, rising to deputy chairman and taking control of the creative department. As a copywriter Peter Souter  has worked for brands such as The Economist, Sainsbury’s, Volvo, BT, Walkers and the RSPCA, to name but a few – while as executive creative director he oversaw award-winning work for Guinness, Dulux, the BBC, Bayer…we could definitely go on.

Peter Souther took time out of advertising in 2008 to write the TV series Married Single Other, commissioned by ITV. He continues to write for television, the theatre and radio in his spare time. “As an agency we certainly know how to create entertainment, whatever the channel,” he says. “And if we don’t do that there’s no earthly reason why a consumer should give us their time.”

Like many writers, Peter Souther appreciates precision. “That’s why I love Disruption: I’ve never heard a simpler and better way of explaining what we can do for brands.”

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