I’ve been planning and buying digital media since it began in the UK in 1996. This luckily meant getting to work with very early adopting clients, such as the launch of Amazon UK, at the time when a very small handful of us ‘doing digital’ were simply making it up each and every day.

Then in 1998, I co-launched one of the first digital specialist media agencies, media21. I also co-founded the pioneering digital creative agency Glue London.

Following the sale of media21 to Grey Global Group and the successful turnaround of Mediacom’s ailing digital division Media.com, I got bored and launched another digital agency agenda21 (with co-founders Rhys Williams and Nick Suckley) as a independent digital media and analytics agency.

After 10 years of glorious self-ownership status, we sold agenda21 to the Be Heard Group in November 2015, and we’re now looking forward to developing the business even more – which will be nice.

Over the years I’ve also advised a number of businesses involved with advertising and media technology, and have chaired and been involved with a range of industry awards. I’m still currently the Chairman of the IPA’s Digital Media Group, as well as sitting on the main IPA council. I was very proud to be awarded the fellowship of the IPA in April 2015.

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